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Brand Sebile

A variety of Sebile Vibrato lures are available for purcase In-Store

The name says it all. The Sebile Vibrato outfishes other metal jigging lures because its deadly action never quits. It vibrates on the pull and flutters on the fall – a never-ending mix of flash and thump that perfectly imitates a frantically struggling baitfish, and forces predators to react. The combination of a perfectly centered attachment point, thin backside and wide belly provides a continuous action no other horizontal jig can match. Ideal for vertical jigging through the ice or in open water, snap-jigging via casting or trolling, or covering water as a searchbait, the Sebile Vibrato features two end trebles connected by a reinforcing wire that runs through the back and over the line tie, ensuring ultimate strength and durability. Especially effective in off-colored water and for light-biting fish.

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* Metal jig with action that never quits
* Vibrates on the pull, flutters on the fall
* Perfectly imitates a struggling baitfish
* Ideal for vertical jigging, snap-jigging, or searchbait use
* 2 end trebles – great for light-biters
* Thru-wire construction for superior strength

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