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Brand Rockwater Designs

Sporting an anti-shock spring system, the Rockwater trekking poles from World Famous minimize impact on your arms so you can hike in comfort. The extendable design means you can adjust the height easily, while the strong Duraluminum construction is built to endure all outdoor conditions. Trek on a variety of terrains thanks to the snow and sand basket.



* Three telescopic sections extend the pole from 24″ to 51″ so you can customize the right height for you
* Anti-shock spring system minimizes impact on arms and decreases fatigue for a more comfortable trekking experience
* Twist locks ensure secure hold when the sections are extended
* Carbide tip offers a reliable grip on a variety of terrains
* Includes a rubber tip cap for hard surfaces and snow and sand baskets for loose surfaces
* Resilient Duraluminum T60611 construction for long-lasting durability
* Adjustable wrist strap offers added comfort and safety

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