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Keep your feet off of the ice this winter by attaching the Thermal Floor to your fish trap. This removable floor will help keep your feet dry as well as help keep the heat in your schack, and use less propane. Using velcro, the heavy-duty floor takes just minutes to install, and can be easily removed. And two Velcro rectangular openings give you plenty of options to drill holes. Available for eight different Clam shelters – Voyager, Jason Mitchell Thermal X, Yukon XL, and Nanook XL, X200 and X200 Pro Thermal, X300, X400



* Removable floor helps keep cold out and heat in
* Keeps feet dry from melting ice and slush
* Two Velcro openings 14? x 40? for easy access to the ice
* Easily connects to your trap shelter using Velcro straps along the edges of the shelter and snap to the shelter base
* Two layers of 450g PVC fabric with FR PE foam inside
* Carry bag included
* Sold separately from ice shelters
* Compatible with eight different 2019-2020 Clam Fish Trap ice shelter models
* Floors do not need to be removed when packed down

* Approximately 8lbs
* Fits all models (2018 or earlier versions will require slight modifications to tent to fit)

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