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Brand Ion Augers

Isovibe Technology (Shock Absorb Spring) combines mega-power with superior handling. Handling a power auger can be tough, even dangerous work. Blades rotating at high speeds can hit rocks or roots, creating a jarring sensation. That’s why Isovibe Technology is so important. The replaceable Isovibe “Shock Spring” actually absorbs ground shock, slowing the impact between the blade and a rock, root or other obstructions. This anti-recoil mechanism prevents dangerous jolting and bouncing, which could otherwise throw the auger accidentally toward the operator. Isovibe technology makes handling smoother and safer, so you can prevent potential injuries and experience superior power, performance and handling at the same time.



* 8” Diameter Heavy Duty Drill – Steel Construction
* 8” Standard – Steel Cutting Blade – Replaceable
* 36″ Overall Length with 31″ Flite
* 7/8″ Round Driveshaft Connection
* Heavy Duty Fishtail Power Point
* Isovibe Shock Spring
* Powder Coat Finish
* Clockwise rotation

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